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STATE OF TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT DIVISION OF EMPLOYMENT SECURITY SEPARATION NOTICE 1. 02 of the Rules and Regulations of the Tennessee Employment Security Law requires all employers to furnish each separated employee with a Separation Notice LB-0489 within 24 hours of the employee s separation from employment. YOU MAY BE INSTRUCTED TO MAIL OR FAX THE SEPARATION NOTICE TO TENNESSEE CLAIMS OPERATIONS IF YOU FILE A CLAIM FOR UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE BENEFITS....
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In my experience as a family lawyer I found that many people think legal separation is the same as divorce only faster and cheaper in Tennessee that couldn't be further from the truth hi I'm miles Mason I'm a divorce attorney in the founder of the miles Mason Family Law Group we represent clients in the greater Memphis Collierville and Germantown Tennessee areas today I will explain how legal separation is different from divorce in Tennessee law you may have heard of quote divorce from bed and board close quote that's simply another name for legal separation it's not some special type of divorce as you watch this video you and your spouse may are to be separated wondering what to do next file for divorce or file for legal separation when you consult an experienced lawyer you'll learn that the same court proceedings are common to both but divorce and legal separation are not the same thing legally here's the basic distinction between the two after a divorce the parties are free to marry other people and the bonds of matrimony or dissolve forever this is sometimes called quote absolute divorce close quote by contrast the parties are still married after their legal separation otherwise the process of legal separation Tennessee parallels divorce this is the question you need to ask what can legal separation do the divorce can't the answer is very little the grounds allege for legal separation are essentially the same as divorce irreconcilable differences adultery abandonment inappropriate marital conduct habitual drunkenness and so on with divorce the court will will equitably divide distribute or sign all marital property between you and your spouse with legal separation the court has discretion to divide the property or not to discretion means the judge can enter the order now or leave the property issue for later the most avoiding parties will want will both want to divide the marital property depending on the circumstances when properties that devided anything inquired after the decree of legal separation is separate property separate property being that which only belongs to one spouse but what if the judge decides to reserve the division of property for later eventually that time will arrive and the spouses are back in court to resolve the property division issue clearly there is no time savings or cost savings in that process these are the three main points you should take away from this discussion number one the idea that legal separation will cost less than divorce is a myth legal separation is not a cheap divorce it's not an easy divorce it's not a quickie divorce the reason why legal separation won't save you money is that it involves the same process the same proceedings as an absolute divorce there's property to divide there's alimony to ward there are child custody decisions to make and then there's a course child support to be ordered because legal separation involves the very same proceedings as a divorce it can be every bit as...
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